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About the Elders' Institute (EI)

The Elders’ Institute (EI) is a national leadership training program primarily for ruling elders, but open to lay leaders, people in the pews and friends of The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC). It is a ministry of St. Andrew’s Hall, one of the three colleges of the PCC, located on the UBC campus in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Elders’ Institute offers continuing education opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills, theology and knowledge of the Presbyterian tradition. Information about programs; including workshops, online courses, webinars, special projects, e-sources and print publications; is available on this website or by contacting the Elders' Institute. (See Staff & Contacts.)

The Elders’ Institute was established in 2000 as a ministry of St. Andrew’s Hall, a college of The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC), at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

As part of the Reformed tradition, The Presbyterian Church in Canada ordains both teaching elders (known as clergy and ministers) and ruling elders (elected by the congregation). Ruling elders are the primary decision makers at monthly session meetings at the local church. They comprise half of the voting members at presbytery (regional meetings of the church) and General Assembly (an annual national meeting of elected representatives from presbyteries). While clergy receive many years of training, ruling elders often receive little or no preparation to fulfil their calling as church leaders. The mission of the Elders’ Institute is to offer continuing education through online courses, webinars, workshops and resources (e-sources, print publications) that equip ruling elders and lay leaders to lead the church into faithful, effective and wise ministries and mission work.

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